SFC NAAS 0-25 ROUNDTOWERS 0-10   10/05/2018


NAAS: 0 - 25

Naas powered to an impressive fifteen point victory over Towers in this S.F.C. Rd. 1 game in St. Conleths park.

This was a smooth attacking team performance by the County town team as they dominated from the start and were never in any danger. In fact eleven of the team contributed to an impressive tally of 25 points.

Naas opened the scoring with points from corner forwards Ciaran Doyle and Aiden Begley. Towers replied with a point.

Naas scored five in a row from Ailin Mcdermott, Ronan Joyce, Eamonn Callaghan(2) and Brian Kane.

A Towers free was countered by a Ronan Joyce free for Naas.
Naas Led 0 – 8 to 0 – 2. Two Towers points reduced the arrears. Before the interval another four timer from Naas gave them a comfortable Half- Time lead 0 – 12 to 0 – 4.

The teams swapped two points each at the start of the second half.

Five unanswered Naas points from Ronan Joyce, Aiden Begley, Eoin Doyle, Dallan Gallagher and Paul McDermott gave Naas a 0 – 19 to 0 – 6 lead after fifteen minutes.

Naas and Towers swapped three point each before Naas finished the scoring with three in a row from Dallan Gallagher, Brian Byrne and Aiden Begley.

Scorers:Naas: Aiden Begley(0 – 5), Ronan Joyce(0 – 4), Eamonn Callaghan(0 – 3), Ailin McDermott(0 – 3), Dallan Gallagher(0 – 3), Brian Kane(0 – 2), John Hill(0 – 1), Eoin Doyle(0 – 1), Paul McDermott(0 – 1), Brian Byrne(0 – 1) , Ciaran Doyle(0 – 1).

Naas: Luke Mullins, Joihn Hill, Shane Bergin, Brian Byrne, Eoin Doyle, Eoghan Bateman, Ailin McDermott, Brian Kane, Ross Kelly, Paul McDermott, Eamonn Callaghan, Dallan Gallagher, Aiden Begley, Ronan Joyce, Ciaran Doyle.

Thanks to Shane Byrne for the great photos,  To view more visit: Gallery, adult football photos 2018

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