Club Development

Naas GAA are beginning a major Club Development project.  In 2018 a club development committee was established as a subcommittee of the Executive. The remit of the committee was to assess, examine and make recommendations to the club executive regarding the development of the club facilities.

It is necessary now to grow and improve our club facilities in order to maintain the highest standards necessary to enable our players to develop and achieve to the highest standards.

The committee developed a 5 year plan. The plan involves 3 stages

Phase 1 

- Development of the recently purchased Laundry Field by extension of the
Juvenile pitch into a full size playing facility. Projected cost €96,101

- Purchase cost of the Laundry field at €50,000
-Development of a walkway around the Canal pitch area. Projected cost €12,390
-Removal, upgrade and making safe of the viewing bank overlooking the main pitch.
-Improvements to car park facilities and access routes to pitches
-Equipment for pitch maintenance at a projected cost of €40,000

Phase 2
-Upgrade and maintenance of our existing pitches to include
drainage of the Hill pitch. Projected cost €49,307
-Upgrade of security, CCTV, external lighting

Phase 3
-Lighting of Hill pitch and upgrade of lighting on main pitch and
canal pitch. Projected cost €200,000
-Maintenance and upgrade of clubhouse to include upgrade of
bar facility, hall, meeting rooms and dressing rooms

This plan is ambitious , exciting and will require the commitment and support of our members, friends and the local community of Naas to achieve its targets. The total fundraising target is €447,798

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